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A Heartfelt Gift for Mothers Day

It’s coming up fast and I usually get caught at the last minute trying to figure out something creative to do. This year my gift is even more special because it’s a tribute to 2 mamas. My mom, Frannie, who has been a loving, supporting force all my life. and Mama Lucy, a mama to an entire school in Tanzania. Selling chickens for seed money, this woman built a school for kids and now wants to add a home on the campus where in-need children can live. Pretty amazing. 

So for a small donation, you get to build a beautiful online mothers day tribute called a “heartspace” for a mom in your life and contribute funds to another mama’s vision of a brighter future for all of her kids. It’s a win win.

If you create your own heartspace, post it in the comments here so I can see :)